Interface Named

All Known Implementing Classes:
JDClass, NamedArray, PackageType, UniqueString, OConfig, sb_sb_c, Template, TemplateData, TemplateDataOrString

public interface Named

Classes implementing Named indicating they have an associated name. It is expected, although not required, for all Named classes to only have it's name setable in the constructor.

Source code:  Named.java

Example Implementation parts

   //REQUIRED BY xbn.named.Named...START
      private String sName = null;
   //REQUIRED BY xbn.named.Named...END

   //REQUIRED BY xbn.named.Named...START
      public String getName()  {
         return sName;
   //REQUIRED BY xbn.named.Named...END

Method Summary
 String getName()
          What is the name of this object?.

Method Detail


public String getName()

What is the name of this object?. This identifier is used throughout the xbn.named package, particularly in NamedArray.

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